Saturday, May 5, 2012

Thomistic Pastoral Theology

Google returns zero results for "Thomistic Pastoral Theology." This is a surprise and, though it would have been nice to find something by a great Thomist, a relief. No theology is better than bad theology.

The good pastor tells the truth, embodies the truth, in love. So why is "Thomistic Pastoral Theology" not an expression that turns up? Perhaps the Thomists are allergic to the name, even as modern "pastoral theologians" are allergic to Thomism? Maybe the traditional Thomists meant rubrics and canon law if and when they talked about Pastoral Theology? Whatever the explanation it seems I am due to work, next semester, on pastoral theology. I'll have to see how the class was taught before, and cover whatever important material there is, but I'll also have to bring some rigor and revelation to what is often taught as mush.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ambition or Magnanimity?

We can hope for great things, if we are hoping for God to do great things in us and give us Himself as our great reward. This is some of what Aquinas means by magnanimity. In contrast, we are not supposed to be ambitious, to hope to be successful and honored and recognized for our own sake. Humility is a tough row to hoe. (Not theology here, just thinking.)