Saturday, March 19, 2011

Idea for a play

Good help is hard to find. 
Theology, Queen of the Sciences, has a new servant, eager to become her handmaid. The Queen has not asked faithful Philosophy to retire, though Philosophy is older than the Queen herself, but she has reposed more and more responsibility upon the new domestic’s narrow shoulders. This new servant is, in truth, still a chit of a discipline. Her name is History. She is not wicked, but Theology (and everyone else) is enchanted with her. And this is the tale of her childhood, royal hiring, and mischief to date. The story’s dramatic tension can only be resolved if History grows up. And here she needs not only the Queen’s help, but that of Philosophy to realize she is not a science and wrongly aspires to membership in the Queen's scientific inner circle. Cue overture.

1 comment:

  1. Very droll.

    Will any of History's naughty little friends (all surnamed Criticism) have walk-on roles?