Monday, April 25, 2011

Study and Blog Neglect

I confess to almighty God, and to you blog-readers, that I have neglected this blog through my own fault. This is related to the fact that I've been neglecting serious study since February. Instead I was doing a lot of preaching; funny, these are supposed to go together!

More on physical premotion shortly....


  1. Preaching?!

    I don't recall you deigning to do much of that, despite hopes of profiting from your words of wisdom...

    You know, you could just lightly edit your sermon notes and post them on the blog!

    Contemplata aliis tradere.

  2. True, I rarely preached in Melbourne -- but then, I had that pesky dissertation to do. This term I have no regular job, so have given a retreat to seminarians, a parish mission, and gone out almost every weekend. Plus once or twice a week on campus.

  3. Perhaps you could say a little about the retreat and the mission - how the differing audiences and the differing circumstances dictated what and when you preached.